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Evaluation Plans for Grant Proposals: The Friday Institute is committed to working with national, state, and local education leaders to conduct rigorous evaluations of educational innovations. We can work with your proposal writing team to provide an external evaluation plan aligned to requirements in grant Request for Proposals.

Evaluation Technical Assistance & Training Services: The Friday Institute is committed to working with national, state, and local education leaders to build capacity of other education organizations to plan and implement their own evaluations. We can create and deliver customized strategic planning and technical assistance for short-term evaluation services including developing specialized evaluation plans, identifying data sources, developing or identifying evaluation tools and instruments, providing suggestions and training on appropriate data analysis techniques, and assisting with data interpretation and writing results.

Use of Evaluation Resources: The Friday Institute is committed to providing high quality evaluation tools and instruments to national, state, and local education leaders to conduct rigorous evaluations of educational innovations.  Our evaluation instruments and tools provide examples and instructions on different methods of evaluating educational innovations to help educators make informed decisions about program improvement and impact.

Please contact the Director of Evaluation Programs, Dr. Jeni Corn (919.513.8527 or jeni_corn@ncsu.edu) for more information, availability, and cost of these Evaluation Services for Innovations in Education.