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The Evaluation Team at the Friday Institute is made up of full-time Friday Institute research staff, College of Education faculty, and part-time doctoral student research assistants. The research and evaluation team has successfully carried out major evaluation awards including contracts with the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) to evaluate education technology innovation grants. Without exception, the objectives of these contracts and grants have been met, and deliverables have been completed in a timely manner. Since 2003, the FI Evaluation Team has conducted large-scale evaluation of educational innovations involving tens of thousands of students, teachers, and school leaders in schools and districts across the state.

The FI Evaluation Team works collectively to manage all aspects of research and evaluation projects related to the implementation and impact of innovation in K-12 classrooms. Staff members possess extensive experience conducting research in school settings and providing technical assistance to school, district, and state-level education stakeholders in the areas of evaluation and research. Their collective areas of expertise include project management, research design, qualitative and quantitative data collection strategies, analysis and interpretation, instrument development and validation techniques, report writing, policy analysis, and proposal development. The team maintains positive and effective professional relationships with a myriad of educators across the state, including leaders at NCDPI and the State Board of Education which facilitate access to data, participants, and personnel necessary for conducting meaningful evaluation and research.